How Does the CIA Make Use of Business Intelligence?

The currency price of any country can be determined by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) using their highly developed and adopted analytics tool known as the Economic Intelligence Integrated Database. This tool has been specially tailored to bring out the country's economic situation through its famous open source Intelligence database of Excel spreadsheets, raw data, charts and graphs.


These business intelligence platforms were developed by the CIA and have given birth to a whole new era in the world of business intelligence. Now, not only the general public and business analysts could comprehend the fundamental and technical details of the economy of a certain country through these tools. They could also clearly see the overall impact of that country on the international economic market.


The CIA has had the first and the foremost advantage of opting for the more cost-effective and the time-efficient platform known as the Microsoft Dynamics GP ORACLE. This tool is more flexible in nature and has the capacity to analyze all the parameters of the country's economy through one single database. This also means that the collection of data would be easier and quicker as compared to the earlier choices like Business Objects.


The CIA has been developing their own analytics platform to make their lives easier, and they have done it successfully too. The product known as BIKE is a functional, customizable, scalable and integrated business intelligence solution. With BIKE, the analysts working for the CIA can easily collect and process the important data required for their analysis on any domain.


The same technology has made the CIA more effective, economical and efficient with the help of BIKE. It has made the business analysis more practical and transparent to the average citizen of the world with its intuitive and interactive interfaces and rich set of features that enables easy communication between analyst and client.


The success of BIKE has come as a big business boost to the CIA. With the aid of this powerful software, the agency has been able to realize their major goals of promoting international trade, development and ensuring safety and security of the world with the least possible efforts.


There are numerous countries in the world that are facing global economic uncertainties and growing fears of political instability in some countries like India, China, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Iran, India, United Kingdom, Russia, United States, Japan, and even the European Union. Every of these countries has their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of economic development and growth. Some of these countries are on the brink of extreme problems while others are leading the world in economic growth.


The CIA, as an analytical instrument, can only foresee the future and determine the present state of an economy based on the past history and the current trends of the economy. This needs to be done with utmost precision and accuracy, otherwise, there are chances of getting it wrong. In fact, the failures of other business intelligence tools have been brought down to reality by the CIA's analytics tool called DICTATOR.


DICTATOR is capable of predicting the future projections of any country based on past patterns, and current trends. It is even capable of bringing out surprises of the greatest extent. This is because it predicts the direction and the path the economy would take based on the trends and the patterns of the economy.


The business intelligence tools available in the market today are able to show you how and why the growth or decline in the economy of any country was influenced by any one of the variables affecting the country. However, this may be applicable to some nations only, while others could not be expected to react to this data.


Hence, the work of the CIA would not come to a stop because of the presence of the external factors, and the agency can keep themselves informed of the latest and the trending data regarding the economy of the world. This data is accurate and also valuable in the sense that these data can be used to improve the intelligence of the agency.


The analytic capabilities of the CIA have greatly influenced the nature of business intelligence solutions that are now in the market. These solutions have made the working of the CIA a lot easier. Their goal has always been to make sure that the CIA's work is more efficient, economical and ethical.